Manifold Ballast

Manifold Ballast is a small kinetic sculpture featuring a flywheel, a lever & bellcrank actuator, and a geared-down second axle which carries a small figure in a spinning orbit around the upper half of the machine. Like much of my recent work, Manifold Ballast is a playful exploration of the forces that push and tug us through our daily lives. The tiny figure is propelled by a mechanism so vast in comparison as to be almost absurd, a passenger on a journey that is both bewildering and repetitive...

Most of the parts to this sculpture are waterjet cut, although the gear-hubs and base and hand-machined. The finish is oxidized black except for the aluminum base and brass fittings, which highlight the mechanical connections which carry movement through the machine. There will be ten of these pieces made, each with several interchangeable figures.

Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Model train figure


14"l x 5"d x 16"h