Elaboration Of A Shortcoming

Nerves in the human body transmit information very slowly. The slowest are those which deliver pain sensations-they work at around two feet per second. The fastest are those nerves which tell our brain where our body parts are. Somewhere in between are our sensory nerves, which work between 200 and 300 feet per second. That is around a quarter the speed of sound and a tiny fraction of the speed of light. So here we are, all tumbling around in the world with all this information coming at us at great speed, and it slows down to a snail's pace on its way to our brains. We live, each one of us, in our own little time warp bubble, from which we cannot escape and which we cannot share. This sculpture is an exaggeration of that situation, using a time-delayed camera and a hooded screen which isolates the operator. The controls are rudimentary, which increases the challenge to the user in accomplishing the simple task of looking around.

Steel, Brass, Electronics, Urethane


42"l x 22"w x 48"h