This flightless bird of a sculpture flaps about and dances as though trying to fly. The beauty of this machine is the natural movements caused by the freely pivoting body and 'tail' as they react to the motorized wing's fluttering. The motor, from a discarded windsheild wiper, swings the large wing, which is made from a wind-surfing sail and some kite parts. The tail is made from a billiard ball and another make-shift kite, pivoting on a carved skateboard wheel. The body of this fantastic creature is made of throw-away plumbing pipe and fixtures, with an outdoor plant base at the bottom.

This piece was made entirely from discarded materials found during my residency at Recology in San Francisco.

Plumbing pipe, Kite-surfing Sail, Windshield wiper motor, Motion detector


96"l x 18"w x 84"h

This piece is available.