A Series of Arbitrary But Passionate Decisions

This machine is about the unforseeability of life; the way we make decisions based on a set of circumstances, which brings a new set of circumstances, and new decisions, and on and on. At some point we must admit that there is no way we can plan our lives, and thus every choice we make is, to an extent, arbitrary. However, this does not need to be an invitation to despair or nonchalance; the best thing we can do, I feel, is to be passionate about our choices: to embrace the pointlessness. This piece is, essentially, a daisy-chain of mechanisms with a redundant end-product. Turning the crank spins a rubber-coated hoop, which spins a wheel, which oscillates a lever, which operates another lever with pawls, which pull a peg-gear, which turns another peg-gear, which spins the figure.

Steel, Concrete, Urethane


34"l x 9"d x 36"h

This piece is not available.